Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps are an amazing way to customize your vehicle while maintaining its OEM integrity. With a wide variety of colors and textures the possibilities are endless when you customize your vehicle with a vinyl wrap. Not only are vehicle wraps a great way to customize your vehicle but they also offer a level of protection as well. 

Exterior Vehicle Wraps

Exterior vehicle wraps are durable and high quality films that allow you to change the exterior color of your vehicle while maintaining its OEM paint underneath. They offer a way to express your creativity and transform your vehicle into something that fits you perfectly.

Interior Wraps

Finding the right interior trim can oftentimes be difficult or more expensive. With an interior wrap, you have a wide array of designs and materials that can be used to customize and protect your interior and give your vehicle a custom look. 

Chrome Delete

A chrome delete can offer a customized and modern look to your vehicle. Please visit us for more information and to see samples of materials and textures.

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Vehicle Wraps FAQ's

Paint vs Wrap?
The most commonly asked question is should I paint it or wrap it? The answer completely depends on you and the future of your vehicle. We will help you make the right decision by providing you with all of the information to make an informed decision. If you are looking for a permanent color change to your project we will recommend paint as the solution. However, if you have a vehicle that you want to maintain its OEM integrity then a wrap will not only customize the vehicle to your liking but will also protect the factory paint.

What colors are available?
We can wrap a car in pretty much any color you can imagine. We have worked with many different wraps brands and all brands have varying color availability. ​

What brands do you use?
We have worked with 3M, Avery Dennison, KPMF, Oracal, TekWrap, and Inozetek.

Is wrap removable?
When installed on original factory paint, vinyl wrap is safe to remove during the manufacturer's specified time periods. If installing on a repainted surface the removability can vary.

How long does it take to get a full vehicle wrap?
The average turn around time for a full wrap is about 5 days.

Do you disassemble my car?
We will remove door handles, emblems, headlights, taillights, bumpers, etc. as we see fit to complete the job and make it look as much as a paint job as possible.

What is the durability of wrap?
Vehicle Wraps typically last an average of 5 years. Some can last more or less varying by the brand and we can guide you through picking the right option for you.

What is the average price of a wrap?
Pricing can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle but on average we see a cost of $2800.

Can wraps be ceramic coated?
Yes they can be ceramic coated. We use Ceramic Pro products for coatings on vinyl. Not only will it help enhance the shine of a gloss wrap it will also enhance the durability of all wrap finishes. Vinyl ceramic coatings start at $450.

Do you offer financing?
Yes. We offer financing through Snap Finance. Follow this link to get pre approved.