Windown Tint

The benefits of window tint are three fold: it changes up the look of your vehicle, protects the interior and keeps the heat out. Who doesn’t love that? Our preferred window film, Solar Gard, offers key benefits that make it great for your vehicle and your wallet.​

Key Benefits:
-Guaranteed against fading or color change
-Bold black color complements factory tinted glass
-Non-reflective (no metal)
-Signal friendly, including GPS, satellite radios, cellular phones, and tire pressure monitoring systems
-Blocks more than 99% of UV rays to protect you, your passengers and your car interior
-Available in seven shades
-Limited lifetime warranty

-Small/compact: $200+
-Mid Size: $240+
-Full Size (Sedan/Crossover): $280+
-XL (SUV or Similar): $320+
-Mid Size Truck (Single Cab): $200+
-Mid Size Truck (Double Cab): $240+
-Full Size Truck (Single Cab): $250+
-Full Size Truck (Double Cab): $280+
-Windshield: $100+

*All pricing listed above is starting rates and can be higher based on specific year make and model.
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